Are we addicted to our thoughts?

Most of the times the problems I encounter both in my business and my personal life are closely tied with my way of thinking.

Mainly, my inabillity to control my thoughts properly and not let the spiral away in negativity. It also seems that this negativity has a kind of car crash effect in my mind. I just have to stop and watch them for a while!

Now, this used to be me all the time and even though I have made really great progress in controling my thoughts I still find my self addicted to my thoughts, especially the bad ones.

Things I tried and helped.

  • Just monitoring my thoughts and letting them go (a kind of meditation)
  • Using proactive positive thinking to redirect my thoughts
  • Running (not from my thought, just running)
  • Working on creative stuff (like this piece right here!)

So, even though there will be times you will be addicted to your thoughts, if you create the right conditions and focus on creativity these times will be short and far apart.

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