5+1 Qualities of a great leader

Being a good leader is one of the most important skills one must have in the business world. People need to feel secure and productive around a leader. But what are the qualities of the true leader and how can you develop them?



1. Leadership most of the times is not what you do but how you do it. It is very common for someone to have the right vision but to be uninspiring to the people around him. Having the vision is not enough, You must inspire and energize people around you to work hard for it!


2. Leaders know their limitations. You must come to terms that you are not an expert in everything. That’s why you hire the right people and demand the right results.


3. Leaders are control freaks. And it’s not a bad thing. I am not talking about micromanagement here but about the ability to set clear goals and monitor the efforts to achieve them. Get cleat about the accountability of each of the members of the team and keep an eagles eye on everything.


4. Leaders solve more problems than they create. A true leader is leading firstly himself and then others. He also knows that many of the company problems begin with him, it goes with the job. So he tries to work on him and solve more problems than he creates.


5. A true leader has a sense of humor. He knows how to break the ice even in the most difficult situations, even when he is talking to a member of the team about something he did wrong. He does not poison the team atmosphere and makes it clear that people can have a relaxed and good time while bringing results.


I have left for the end the most important quality of a leader. The ability to take full responsibility where he needs to. If he doesn’t show that everyone is responsible for his or her results, he will lose the team really quickly. Lead by example…

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