The myth of realistic goals

I have come to hate the word “realistic” when it comes to goals because most of the times are based on what other people consider realistic for them. And if I listened to other people when talking about my goals I would not be where I am today…

The same goes for parents and their children. The same thing happens at school. Do you remember the dreams and goals you had when you were kids? How enormous and spectacular where they? And then you grew up, and your parents started talking to you about “realistic goals”, and you gave up on yours. Being a parent my self I see now clearly how easily kids embrace the word “mediocrity” and how easily they can be discouraged from their parents. Imagine how much power must a child have to break through the “realistic goals” his lovingly parents set for him.

And now the hard stuff. How “realistic” did we think and act regarding our goals all these years? How much did it cost us? Personally, a lot!

Now, this does not mean that from tomorrow we will start pursuing crazy goals, but we must have these thoughts when we sit down and write our goals and work on them. We must remember that we are conditioned to think small and try not to be afraid of setting bigger goals. It’s better to fail on a bigger target than to succeed on a smaller one.

We must also have in mind that our goals define us, that it doesn’t really matter whether we reach our goal or not, but what really matters is who do we become in the process.

Mediocrity in thinking is a recipe for failure today. Think about that when you hear the word “realistic” again.

Good luck everyone.


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